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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did You Hear the One About the White House Tourist?

....He thought the men on the roof were WORKING ON IT!

Yes, there are still people in this country who do not know we have snipers on top of the White House...24/7. Some cities have a little less terror (or horror?) than we do!

Washington Water Woman is heading to one of those friendly places to ring in the New Year, but tune back in next year to find out--

* who becomes an accidental parent,
* how Congress becomes more frightening than it already is,
* the fate of the cursed Rolex,
* the fate of Mia,
* the fate of Anonymous Shell Corporation,
* Herman Cain's new secret life in Washington,
* who's on Glenn Michael Beckmann's hit list,
* many unpleasant surprises.



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