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Monday, January 26, 2015

It's snowing drones!

"Cigemeier!"  (It had been awhile since Prince and Prowling partner Felix Cigemeier had heard that kind of yelling from former Senator Evermore Breadman, and he knew what it was about.)  "I thought you had this drone practice under control!"  Breadman threw down his coat and slammed Cigemeier's door.  "I get back from Augustus Bush's place in the U.S. Virgin Islands to hear drones are slamming into the White House, and one of our clients has self-reported to the Secret Service?!  Tell me I heard wrong!"

"Nothing slammed into the White House, Senator," replied Cigemeier.  "And it was just one drone--it landed on the lawn."

"In the middle of the night?!  Tell me you are not advising our clients they can fly drones over White House air space at two in the morning?!"

"Certainly not, sir.  They all know White House air space is off-limits 24/7."

"Well, evidently not!" exclaimed Breadman.  "Why the hell were they flying it in the middle of the night?"

"To take photos of the Washington Monument at night," said Cigemeier.

Breadman burst out laughing.  "Please tell me you're not that naive!"

"That's what he said, and I had no reason to question it."

"Because January is when people want to be out taking photos of the Washington Monument!" said Breadman sarcastically.

"It had something to do with the snow."

"You better screen these clients better!  Their money isn't worth this kind of risk for the firm!  I want you to put a GPS tracking device in every one of those drones, and if they get within three blocks of POTUS, SCOTUS, or the dome, an alarm goes off on your phone!  If they don't agree, drop them as clients!  Whose drone was it?"

"Glenn Michael Beckmann."

Breadman didn't recognize the name, and stomped out.  Cigemeier breathed deeply, certain he had escaped his worst-ever crisis at the law firm by the seat of his pants.  He didn't buy his client's story, either, but that's what Beckmann had said during the questioning--and some other crazy stuff.  The odd thing was that the Secret Service agents had seemed already familiar with Beckmann, by the questions they had asked.  And Cigemeier had been jubilant to get out of that conference room.  And now he was starting to envy Breadman's liquor stash.

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