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Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Diary of Angela de la Paz

I can't believe he died, just like that!  Henry Samuelson!  He was so old, but he seemed like one of those guys that would never die.  And old men are supposed to die in the winter!  Who dies on a beautiful day in May, the kind of day that makes everybody glad to be alive?  And how could I tell his daughter that I hated him when she said his last words were about me?!  On his deathbed??!!  She tells me it's from a Steely Dan song:

"I'm gonna take Cinderella down to Mexico--
She said, 'oh, no, Guadalajara won't do!'"

She wanted me to tell her what he was talking about, and she was looking at me like I was his lover or something!!!!  He's old enough to be my grandfather--was.  I told her I would explain after the funeral.  What am I going to tell her??????????????

(Washington Water Woman is covering for Cinderella on the Mexico operation, but hopes to write a longer blog post next weekend.)

R.I.P., Mr. ___--your secrets are safe with me. 



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