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Monday, September 05, 2016

Mind Games

Psychiatrist Ermann Esse was still being blackmailed into working for the CIA at their secret facility deep below the Washington Times headquarters.  His plan to get fired for a prescription pain killer addiction had backfired badly, and now they were holding that over him as well their knowledge of the suspicious death (murder) of one of his patients.  His professional and personal life were in a state of catastrophe.  How could things possibly get worse?

"We have a new assignment for you," said one of his handlers, entering his office.

"Great," said the shrink, swallowing hard.

Meanwhile, the Seekers were meeting in a Georgetown classroom for their first attempt at deprogramming a Trump supporter from the cult of Donald Trump.

"What's happening?" asked the self-proclaimed "hockey mom with lipstick" from Frederick, who had been tricked into coming here by her husband's lie that Trumpists were meeting there to boycott a professor's lecture on President Obama's historic place in African-American history.

"These people are here to help, honey," said the desperate husband, who had brought his own custom-designed duct tape with foam cushioning to strap her into a chair.  "I'm gonna put your feet up to make you more comfortable."

"You're kidnapping me!?" she screamed before he tied a chocolate-flavored bandana around her mouth.

"This is for your own good, sweetie," he said, kissing her on the forehead.  "Even the kids are worried about you.  They don't want Russia hacking the election."

The Buddhist monk and Unitarian Universalist looked at each other nervously, but the rest of the group seemed eager to press forward.

"The Trump family name is really 'Drumpf,'" began the Jesuit, sitting directly in front of her.  "They changed it in America as their very first act of phoniness.  Ow!"  He jumped back in pain because she had kicked him in the shin.

"Thus began a long history of feeding misinformation to advance their own purpose," continued the Muslim cleric, sitting down next to the Jesuit.  (The woman's eyes grew wide with terror at the sight of him.)  "That purpose was amassing obscene amounts of wealth for their own benefit."

"It's okay, honey," said the husband, patting her hand.  "He's an American Muslim.  He just joined my Fantasy Football league!"

"We are going to start showing you categorically all the lies being told to you on this campaign," said the Jewish rabbi, opening up a laptop computer for her to see.  "We will be here all night if we have to."

A few miles to the east, Sebastian L'Arche had persuaded Angela de la Paz to sneak into the Rhode Island Avenue Metro tunnels to hunt for demons causing the roof destruction.

"Sometimes it's not demons," said Angela, who had received no visions about this place.  "Lynnette says the system has been underfunded for years, and way behind in infrastructure maintenance."

"I'm telling you, it was a demon!" insisted L'Arche.  The Gipper (a gifted rat terrier and spirit-hunter) whined in agreement.

"I do believe you," said Angela, "but it might have just been hiding out.  It's not necessarily proof that demons are causing all the Metro problems."

The Gipper abruptly turned into a side tunnel.  "He said it's here," whispered L'Arche.

"You can really read dogs' minds?" she asked, still unaware of any supernatural presence.

"Sh," he cautioned her, and they walked slowly forward.  Suddenly the Gipper stopped, and all his hair stood on end.  The Dog Whisperer turned on his high-beam flashlight and aimed it at the ceiling thirty feet in front of them, where a demon was now hissing at them.

Angela ran forward, raised her hand, and telekinetically knocked it to the ground.  Before she could kill it, the Gipper ran forward to attack, but the demon knocked it violently away.  Then Angela exploded the demon into a fireball, which quickly collapsed on itself to leave nothing but a pile of ashes.

"Oh, God!" cried reporter Perry Winkle, who had followed them into the tunnels.  "I really am insane!"  And then he fainted.

Back at the secret CIA facility, Dr. Esse had just been briefed about recent intelligence investigations into whether Russia was trying to mess with the U.S. elections, and it was very disturbing.  The CIA had also just told him that NSA eavesdropping on Trump campaign staff had revealed specific plans which would weaken NATO, strengthen Russia, and possibly even result in several nuclear weapon strikes in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. 

"I share your concerns," said the psychiatrist, "but I don't see what I can do about it.  If you're thinking of sending me to be an agent in Russia--"

"Don't be absurd," said the woman.  "The threat is already here.  We need you to go undercover as a Trump supporter and start hypnotizing your way to the top."

Out at Trump National Golf Course in Virginia, the demon Ardua was playing mind games of her own, but it was increasingly difficult to get the bickering Nazi lovers living in a hidden bunker to listen to her.

Charles Wu's work is cut out for him after he and Obama return from China!


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