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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Diary of Ann Bishis

Dear Diary,

Flowers! OMG! I think the stupid winter and snow are almost over. I have NEVER been so happy to see flowers blooming!

Today I made a sacrifice to Glaucos to help Congressman Herrmark defeat the health care bill. I'm not sure that was the right thing to do! Sometimes things are very confusing in Washington. Anyway, I'm OK, because somebody told me once you work for Congress, you have health insurance the rest of your life!!!!!

I also made a sacrifice to Hera to improve the Greek economy so my mother stops crying about it all the time. Honestly, why does she care? They always wanted to buy a retirement home there, and everything's so cheap now, so I don't know what she's crying about--except her cousins' losing their business in Athens, but she can't stand those cousins, so I don't know.

Met a day trader last night! Super rich, but he's from Pakistan, which would freak my mother out to no end. He said I could live in his extra 5-bedroom house he's not using! Unreal. I mean, in most cases, I would think the guy was full of shit, but I think this one's telling the truth! And totally NOT a jihadist or anything. Really cool--older, but really cool. Told me I looked like a model! I told him I modeled a hair barrette once for a crafts catalog, but I don't think he understood what I was talking about!

Peace out.


Washington Water Woman regrets the silly content posted by her guest blogger, but Washington Water Woman is wrestling a serious real estate demon this week and will be slightly delayed in returning to her blogging responsibilities.


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