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Friday, October 23, 2009

Washington Anti-Horror Blogs?

(washingtonhorrorblog.com has been temporarily hijacked by optimists of the worst sort!)

1) International Day of Climate Action!!!!!

(in D.C.--)

Date/time: Saturday, October 24, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


International Day of Climate Action!!!!!

(in Afghanistan! --)

Let's say you occasionally despair for the future of the planet. In that case, the place you need to be this week is the website for
Every few minutes, something new arrives at our headquarters, where young people hunched over laptops do their best to keep up with the pace.
News that activists in Afghanistan—Afghanistan—have organized a rally for our big day of action on October 24. They'll assemble on a hillside 20 kilometers from Kabul to write a huge message in the sand: "Let Us Live: 350."

CommonDreams.org is an Internet-based progressive news and grassroots activism organization, founded in 1997. We are a nonprofit, progressive, independent and nonpartisan organization.

3) Learn about the professional climate liars.


4) Sign a petition:


5) Find an idealistic job or volunteer opportunity:


6) Find people where you live who are embracing all the possibilities that life brings! (Yes, leave your computer and go meet some people/groups in person!)


7) Pay attention to the world!


8) The world is mostly ocean!

www.oceana.org www.oceanconservancy.org

9) Shop smarter!


10) Trick or Treat for UNICEF!


11) Join the re-use revolution!


12) Get some real science!


13) "Sometimes it takes a [FUNNY!] lie to expose the truth." movie event 10/23 - 10/29


Volunteer in D.C.!

pro bono work, schools and youth, environmental work, human rights campaigns, helping animals (for disabled), homeless shelters, women's shelters, foster care, homebuilding projects, weatherization projects, tutoring English, teaching illiterate to read, visiting elderly shut-ins, help immigrants and refugees

Post your favorite Washington do-gooder idea here!

(NOTICE! WashingtonWaterwoman apologizes for that disgusting pile of hope, and promises to return to horror-ific postings as soon as she removes the sticky sugar from the keyboard.)


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